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Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King v3.0 Mod + Data

Genre: Role Playing

Cover art Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King
Developer:FroggyCat Studios
Requirements:Android 2.2 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King 3.0 (latest version) Andriod Game.


FroggyCat Studios presents a modern take on classic RPG game play. Explore a vast, original fantasy world and slay vicious monsters with magic and weapon attacks in fully-animated, turn-based combat. Charming characters, freakish monsters, and huge bosses populate this quirky world. Join our heroes Zeke and Pandora as they set out on a dangerous adventure to discover the truth behind their king’s murder. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ZEKE & PANDORA! A truly unique indie game awaits you! -Get swept up in a mythic adventure full of charming art and animation. -Follow the immersive story as friendships are made, loyalties are tested, and betrayals are revealed through over 5 LEVELS OF GAME PLAY including game play dialogue and animated cutscenes. -MAKE ANYONE YOUR HERO! Build and customize your party members with 0 jobs, over 0 skills, 4 magic books, more than 0 unique weapons, and over 5 potent attribute-enhancing items. -Train 7 playable characters and master 0 unique JOBS from the spell-slinging Sage to the shape-shifting Animalgus. -Accumulate charge points during combat and use the Skill Combo System to mix and match powerful ATTACK SKILLS and unleash massive damage on your foes. -Blast monsters with over 0 magical attacks. Gather the 4 BOOKS OF MAGIC and use them to unlock more and more powerful MAGIC SPELLS. -Arm yourself! Collect and upgrade your WEAPONS at the BLACKSMITH to customize your warriors to fit with your play style. -Visit VENDORS who will trade for the gold and materials you won from defeated enemies or was bestowed upon you by grateful quest givers. -Journey across a perilous land with over 5 freakish MONSTERS and more than 0 punishing BOSSES.

-Unlock the mysteries of the Northern Lands! Optional levels, challenging DUNGEONS, secret TREASURE, and dozens of hidden QUESTS await the most dedicated of heroes. -SAVE SYSTEM lets you save anywhere, anytime outside of combat. Be warned that monsters respawn when initiating a saved game, so if you save on the spot where you beat a monster, you may enter directly into a fight—but don’t worry, you’ll beat him again. Or just take a couple steps before saving after a fight!

-TUTORIAL SIGN POSTS and steadily paced features rollout in the first levels of the game to ease the learning curve for new players. -NURSES provide opportunities to heal your team outside of combat, while healing spells and skills allow characters to heal themselves and their teammates during combat. -UNDERTAKERS give your characters full charge points to take into combat and save your location before major boss fights. -Intuitive user interface lets player navigate the maps, menus, and combat with simple touch-based controls. -NO IN-APP PURCHASES! All game content is included in game price. -Optimized for tablets. May have memory issues on older devices or devices running too many apps simultaneously.


What's New:

QUICK MODE optimizes gameplay in combat for a faster play style & shortens cutscene animations while providing improved frame rate. Normal mode remains as option & can be toggled in-game. QUICK MODE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALLEVIATE FRAME RATE ISSUES ON HD & OLDER DEVICES.
CUTSCENE SKIP BUTTON can skip instead of click thru an entire scene.
Skill animations shortened
Damage & healing values adjusted on some skills & bosses
Various display & audio issues
WretchedVille access

Video Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King

Download Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King v3.0 Mod + Data

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the Zeke & Pandora:The Stolen King.apk and place the "air.ZPTSKandroid" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

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  1. author

    vorakam15 days ago

    Finally playable Game runs great on Galaxy Note , no more if only there was more than one audio file throughout the game Ill give you your 5 star

  2. author

    warobushek7 days ago

    Love it all I cannot get enough of this game. The artwork is unique and it has animations that flow very well. I love games that let you customize character roles and this is done very well in this game. I would buy anything published by this developer from now on, I am just that impressed by how fun this game is.

  3. author

    mmatrosov8 days ago

    Incredible Indie RPG First off kudos to the developer. This game was originally a hit on the iOS, and I am very pleased that it got ported to android. He is very responsive and proactive when fixing bugs and applying user feedback. As to the quality of the game, in my humble opinion it puts many similar AAA titles to shame. The game design from the characters and the packing of the game will hook you and enamor you to the game. Please just support the developer this is a diamond in the rough.

  4. author

    nordik4 days ago

    Definitely worth it! Fun and expansive game has kept me entertained for many, many hours. I actually met the developer in a bar in Granada, Spain and he told me about this after we had a couple rounds. Glad I remembered to download it and check it out :)


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