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GA4: Revenant Rising v2.6.11 APK Hack

Genre: Role Playing

Cover art GA4: Revenant Rising
Developer:Tin Man Games
Requirements:Android 2.0.1 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is GA4: Revenant Rising 2.6.11 (latest version) Andriod Game.


Gamebook Adventures returns for its fourth outing in the critically acclaimed series of newly imagined interactive fantasy gamebooks in which you, the reader, control the direction of the story! Along with a realistic dice-based battle system to fight creatures, a great story and beautiful artwork, Revenant Rising will give you many hours of gamebook adventuring! Please note that you do not need to have played any of the previous gamebooks in order to play this. The mighty city of Falavia, the military backbone of Orlandes, is under attack from an army lead by a man claiming to be a God. How did this come to pass you ask yourself? Youre sure it all started as some innocent adventure in search of treasure but somehow it turned into a nightmare. Also, why are people staring at you strangely? It’s not as if you look like youve recently been brought back from the dead or something. Oh yes, thats right. You remember now. ‎Arguably the best of the Gamebook Adventure series released so far by Tin Man Games, Revenant Rising combines polished gameplay mechanics with an original storyline, flinging you between the world of the living and the dead and back again. - Touch My Apps My favourite examples so far though are Gamebook Adventures, a series of lovingly crafted and extremely well-written interactive fantasy novels. Its surprisingly engrossing stuff, the economically written narrative packing in masses of detail, while rattling out a pacy, involving story. - The Guardian The true gem, and the reason these are next iteration choose your own adventure books, is the dice component in the overall story. - 8Apps 

What is a Gamebook Adventure?
Gamebook Adventures is brought together through the efforts of passionate and avid gamebook enthusiasts. If you are familiar with the Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery, Lone Wolf or Grail Quest series then Gamebook Adventures will really appeal to you. Our aim is to give those nostalgic readers of old something new and fresh, and bring a new exciting experience to those unfamiliar with gamebooks. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs or adventure games then this is for you! At their core, all of our gamebooks are compelling adventure stories where you get to choose how the adventure unfolds. Every section of the narrative concludes with choices that you have to make. The choices you make will alter the story, taking you down new paths and giving you new choices. Occasionally you will be presented with a situation that needs to be resolved with
some dice rolling. The gamebook engine lets you throw 3D physics based dice that roll and bounce as if you were tossing them on a tabletop. Roll the dice to resolve combat by pitting your character against a myriad of enemies. Roll the dice to see if you were able to leap the gaping chasm, or pick the shopkeep’s pockets. Roll the dice to see if you won a bet, or caught the plague! Did you take a wrong turn? Or make some bad dice rolls? Then hopefully you put in a bookmark so that you can go back and try again!
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2611: added french language support

Video GA4: Revenant Rising

Download GA4: Revenant Rising v2.6.11 APK Hack

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the GA4: Revenant Rising.apk and place the "" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

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  1. author

    Raydan13 days ago

    Nice read Although Ive enoyed it, I must say that story is rather short. I expected longer reading time.

  2. author

    SHOKOLAD8 days ago

    Great game! Very cool game but please fix defense bug. I had chainmail and was happy with defense. Then I got plate mail and protection bracelet and changed to . After looking at other reviews, Im not the only one. I note that this did get corrected if I exited and reentered the game so I will still give 5 stars but should still be fixed, as it was confusing and annoying. Seems like whenever I get an item with defense , it will go to 1 instead of one higher than current. Thanks!

  3. author

    TrueNick7 days ago

    Bravo Just one more great book :)

  4. author

    CHyIICHyII3 days ago

    Brilliant! Bring more books from the series!


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