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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim v2.100 Unlimited Version

Genre: Arcade

Cover art Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim
Developer:Incandescent Workshop LLC
Requirements:Android 2.3 and up

Today I want to share a great andriod game that name is Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim 2.100 (latest version) Andriod Game.


Artemis Space Bridge Simulator is a game where you take the role of a bridge officer in a sci-fi capital ship. You ARE your favorite character from your favorite space tv show. This is Star Trek through the Rock Band filter. You are playing together as if you were on a ship. In other words, the game works best when you gather a group of 6 friends, pretend to be a Starfleet officer, and save the galaxy from the comfort of your computer. To assemble a full bridge crew, you need people to fill these roles: The Captain The Captain is simultaneously the most important member of the crew and the least involved in terms of physical game play. In an ideal setup with a full crew, the Captain doesnt manage any of the bridge stations, instead focusing his/her efforts on monitoring the main screen, prioritizing targets, and timing the interactions of the crew. The Captain needs to maintain order among the crew members so the whole affair doesnt become a shouty mess where you go warping into some bad-guys grill just to immediately eat a dozen photon torpedoes. Helms Officer The helms officer flies the ship, maneuvering in battle for optimal positioning, going to warp/jump when its time to haul ass, and managing the displays for the main screen. Careful helms play is essential for successful battle, helping to get the drop on enemies, avoid fire, and gain target lock. Helms officers also share control of the main screen display and shields. Weapons Officer The weapons officer manages the beams, torpedoes, nukes, mines, and shields for the ship, locking onto targets and blowing them to heck when the Captain commands it. Weapons officers have to prioritize which sort of torpedoes to load into the tubes, with a selection of Mines, Homing Torpedoes, Nukes, and ECM. Weapons requires a good deal of coordination with Helms and Engineering to be successful, setting up the shot and then giving the Weapons systems the power necessary to make it count. Engineering Engineering controls the very beating heart of the Artemis, managing the power systems and usage for the entire ship. If a given system has no power dedicated to it, it doesnt work. Engineering can add more power to something to make it work better, e.g. make the ship turn faster, beams fire faster, etc. Doing this will cause that system to overheat, so engineering manages cooling systems. Engineering also manages the damage control systems, prioritizing ships repairs when damage is taken in battle. Interaction between engineering, helms, and weapons will make or break any given combat, as a sudden loss of power to steering, weapons, or shields can have drastic consequences, and an extra boost can give you a big advantage over a more powerful ship. Communications Officer The Comms officer can transmit orders to friendly vessels, request a space station build a type of ordnance, and snoop on enemy communications. Comms can also taunt enemy ships, getting them to attack your ship instead of a space station or friendly vessel. Comms can also order them to surrender. Finally, comms can signal RED ALERT! (which doesnt do much aside from blasting a really annoying sound from everyones console, and making the radar retical turn red) Comms should hit RED ALERT a lot. Science Officer The science officer runs the advanced sensors of the Artemis, detecting and assessing enemy ships as well as finding space anomalies for the Artemis to investigate. Sciences ability to scan the shields of enemy ships provides Weapons with vital information need to prioritize targeting, and its ability to find anomalies can grant your ship a much needed power-up when you dont have time to dock with a space station. How many people can play? Each ship has 5 bridge stations and a captain, the server allows for 6 ships. Multiple stations can be controlled per player, but each ship NEEDS at least 2 players (helm and weapons).


Game Features:

Added 8 new stations, and radically upgraded what stations can do.
Theres a new layout option. Deep Strike lets you play a game where only the enemies have stations, and youre all alone against the enemy hordes. In both single and
coop modes, you must destroy all enemy stations to win. In single player mode, you must also destroy all enemy ships.

Video Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim

Download Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim v2.100 Unlimited Version

Download apk/obb


  1. Download the file.
  2. If the file is archived (rar or zip) to extract data.
  3. Install the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Sim.apk and place the "" folder in sdcard/Android/obbacted folder.
  4. Launch the app 100% offline compatible google play installation and online data verification is not required.

This article is written by DrugStory. Please leave comment if the link is broken. Thank you!
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  1. author

    kinley14 days ago

    If you have ever dreamed of getting your friends together and crewing a starship where your TV is the viewscreen, this is the game for you! Tablets, phones and laptops become your duty stations. Look up Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator and install it on your PC. Right now, (Feb 6) the best version of the game just added starfighters you can launch from your ship. This version (0) is two updates behind and has to be played with other PCs and Tabs with the same version, but it is still very fun to play at this level. Remember you need a TV, a server, and some friends with their own devices to play.

  2. author

    nickolas_php9 days ago

    Great game with a few bugs The game itself is great however connecting all the devices together was a challenge. Its best to be patient and have all players choose their roles before the host begins game play. While it gives you the option to allow people to join during the middle of a game it always caused us problems. Problems such as device switching roles or gaining multiple roles or getting booted from the server and being unable to re connect. Again we had none of these issues if all devices were connected prior to beginning.

  3. author

    Wazari8 days ago

    Has cross-platform multiplayer! I stumbled across the android version of this and thought Id try it out. I was surprised to find that I could easily connect to the server running on my Windows machine! Each station has multiple screens in the phone layout, so the controls dont feel cramped. Its not ideal, but its better than having tiny controls that are completely unusable. The tablet layout may be better, but I havent tested it out yet. Ive given the game 4 stars due to the fact that sometimes when you touch near the bottom of the screen, the client restarts, sometimes taking the server down with it. Im so glad there is a mobile client, because it would be harder to get computers for everyone, especially if there are multiple ships, but its cake to have everyone install the app!

  4. author

    polzovotel3 days ago

    Cannot enter IP address When I try to connect to a server, I cannot enter its IP address: the keyboard is dismissed as soon as it gets focus. Makes it impossible to get further.


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